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Not getting any Job offer for the last one month. looking for some suggestions

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Pradipta S Member Since: Jul 3, 2017
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The same applies to me as well! Being a member for atleast last 6 months, I started applying for the Jobs on a regular basis for the last half of the month. But with out any outcome yet.


I wanted to have a feedback on my profile summary and look. I have provided all my experience along with the cretifications but still without a win. I wanted to know if this is not profile issue, then how is it with my cover letters sent to my prospective clients. I wanted to have an example to see how one of my existing cover can be improved.


Anyone can help?!?




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Freddy Abraham G Member Since: Jun 18, 2017
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This might sound a little bit harsh, but you should try to offer services that would normally cost a lot of money for as cheap as $5 under the promise that you'll get a review.


It sounds discouraging, but that's how it works most of the time. And haven't you ever been interviewed, not even once? Have you never been contacted by anyone?


I really don't know if Upwork allows to post cover letter templates in the community forum, since it's not encouraged and even penalized to spam your own cover letter over and over to everyone you meet.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Please, note that coercing good feedback isn't allowed by Upwork ToS. We encourage freelancers to improve their profile and cover letters while bidding the rate/budget they feel is appropriate for services they offer.


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~ Valeria