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Not getting any clients

Hello, everyone. I really need some advice. I'm not having any success getting any new clients. I'm in a rut. I have gotten a couple of succesful clients since I started, but now I'm in a dry spell. I have no idea why I'm not getting hired and it's frustrating. I even bought the plus membership so I can apply to more jobs. Is there something wrong with my profile? It looks really good to me but maybe I'm overlooking something. Is my price to high/low? Maybe my cover letters aren't good enough. I have tried writing very detailed proposals explaining my experience. I've tried the "why you should hire me" approach, I have tried the short and simple approach, and I have tried the personal approach. Nothing seems to be working and I'm starting to wonder if my art is just not needed on this platform. 😞 Any suggestions?

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These days clients are not posting jobs due to holiday season.

I am also not getting good response.

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