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Not getting any job after completing my first job

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I have created my account in 2014 but started working with upwork from July 12, 2019. Before bidding on any job I've updated my profile with the necessary information and uploaded portfolios with my previous works. I win my first job from my first proposal. (I delivered the job within 24 hours and the client said he is happy with my work) Which was and is an instant cheer up for me to stick up with this platform and give more effort to win more jobs. But unfortunately, I didn't get any job from any of my sent proposals afterward. From the rest of the 29 proposals, I've been called for 3 interviews. Among those 3, one just said HI then gone vanished, another one asks me for my portfolio, I sent my portfolio but he never comes online after asking me to send him my portfolio Man Tongue and the other one asked me for a trail, I've designed a trail for her then she too gone vanish Smiley Very Happy I know its need patient to win jobs here and I'm on it. I just want someone expert here to look at my profile and guide me accordingly. I really want to learn and grow with upwork.

~Rafiqur Rahman Rony
TOP-RATED Graphic Design Freelancer
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First of all, never EVER, do free test jobs. The client can hire and pay you for the job done.
Regarding getting hired, I normally need to send 30-40 proposals before I get hired for a job.
Just make sure you do not copy-paste your proposals to the different clients. Take your time and write a good proposal in where you explain why you're the best man for the job - and don't make it too long.

Dear Dimitri, Thanks a lot for your great suggestion. I always craft a unique proposal for every bid according to recruiter's need and I always attach some related work sample done by me for my past clients outside Upwork. Would you please check my Upwork profile and portfolio? I want to know it's up to the mark or not. If not then i need your suggestion of how can I improve it.

~Rafiqur Rahman Rony
TOP-RATED Graphic Design Freelancer