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Not getting first job/task after trying everything

I have spent numerous hours looking at tips, tricks from YouTube and Community Boards about personalizing my pitches, and have tried everything under the sun. 
One suggestion was to make my profile 'public', but apparently I cannot do that as I have not 'earned in a while' on UpWork. 

Am I really missing out on some secret sauce or what? I applied to 40+ jobs, with personalized pitches, and went the extra mile to even give a snippet of the task to deliver... in spite of this, no luck! 


I am on the verge of giving up hope, guys. Any recommendations/suggestsions at this point will be appareciated. I don't want to be wasting long hours reading and applying for suitable jobs, when the outcome is absolute zilch. 


Distressed Mr., 

Muhammad A Qureshi


Hi Muhammad,


Your profile visibility has been updated. Please check this help article to learn more about how you can avoid having your profile automatically set to private.


I would like to let you know that submitting proposals doesn't always guarantee that you will get hired or interviewed, but you shouldn't give up on sending proposals to potential clients. When you apply for jobs, make sure your proposal is well written and that you're absolutely qualified and certain of your ability to complete the job you're applying for.


You may want to check these webinars and articles to help you optimize your Upwork Profile for maximum exposure and learn  how to craft a killer proposal, the kind that drastically increases your chances of winning the best projects:



You can find more helpful webinars and articles on these pages. 


~ Nikola
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Thank you Nikola. 


I was literally at my wit's end... I shall go through the material you have provided, and hope that I can bag my first UpWork job soon! 



Community Member

Muhammad, you didn't ask for a critique, but I rather like your profile. Still, I'll make one suggestion: upload a few writing samples. Granted, the facebook page is impressive, but not everyone will click the link to get to it. Good luck.

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce
Community Member

Hi John, 


Thank you for the valuable feedback! I will most certainly include a few writing samples, as per your suggestion. 


Really appreciate it 🙂



Muhammad Q

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