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Not getting responses

Hi, I'm new on Upwork. Immediately after joining, I submitted a few proposals and got responses. I've had 6 clients over the span of 12 days. All of the work I completed was well received. Two left 5 star reviews while others didn't leave me a feedback...they left the contract open after approving the milestone. I waited a while and then closed the contract.


Coming to the problem, I've been sending proposals to similar kinds of jobs and not been getting any feedback. The last three days I haven't received any sort of a response. Is there some thing I need to work on? 

I've read that submitting too many proposals could get you suspended, or get your proposal archived so the client never sees it in the first place. Is that what's happening? This has scared me, so I've stopped submitting proposals to jobs I know I'd be very good at. I'm very lost, and I'd love it if someone could guide me regarding this.

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Community Manager

Hi Annesha, 

Users who send excessive proposals will not get their accounts suspended. If you think you are the right fit for the job, and you know you can complete the job successfully, you have the option of sending tailored proposals to these job posts. 


You may want to check out these articles from our Hiring Headquarters to help you create proposals that win jobs, and help you boost your career on Upwork: 

Hopefully, this helps you with your Upwork career. Good luck!

~ Avery
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Hello upwork 


i am sending so many proposal to clients but don,t get any responses could you please help me to find clients 



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Hi Annesha. You got off to a very quick start on Upwork. Most freelancers (including me) take significantly longer than that to get their first few jobs. Perhaps your initial success has given you a false impression that getting jobs here will be easier than it actually is.  I think you just have to be patient and keep applying. I would also suggest adding some of your past writing to your profile portfolio to show what you can do.  And have a try at increasing your prices.  $5 per article is very low. Good clients may actually be put off by such low prices.  And low paying clients are often the hardest to please. 

That is very helpful. I kept thinking something had somehow blacklisted me
on the system. Thank you :).. I'll keep working on it and improving my
profile. I applied to lower paying clients because I thought I had a better
chance at getting those jobs, being a newcomer. I'll aim higher. Hopefully
things will pick up eventually.


I'm also new to upwork and I submitted five proposals but hasn't been hired for any job yet.

I actually specialize in creative and fiction writing and I kept the prize at $25... Is the amount too small? Could that be why I'm not getting hired?
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