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Not so relevant Employment History

Hi team!

I would like to ask if we should write employment history when the biggest part is not so relevant with the job you offer in Upwork. Do you usually mention the full time job you currently do? or is something that i should avoid mentioning?


Hi Eirini,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Generally, you only need to list the history relating to the types of projects you seek on Upwork. Here are some tips on what you can add to your Employment History section:


  • Feel free to include student jobs, internships, and volunteer experience
  • You can also include clients and projects from your freelance work outside Upwork
  • Your Upwork contracts will appear in your work history automatically
  • If you have had an unusual combination of jobs, consider adding some of them. It can make you stand out when a client needs experience in a particular field


You can find more information in this help article on how to Build Your Profile.


~ Nikola
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