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Not sure if client is trying to take me off Upwork...

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Karen B Member Since: Apr 12, 2019
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Hi everyone,


I'm scratching my head a little bit on this one.


So, I put in a bid for a job back in March, for a job with a company, not an individual.  A company that has a 100% hire rate for 103 jobs on Upwork, has spent over $20K on Upwork since 2014, and has 70 reviews with a 4.99 rating.  


Shortly after I put in my proposal, I got a message that they were going in a different direction for that particular project, but would keep me in mind for future work.


Today, I get an email offering me a project, with a detailed description, what they're offering in pay, and the first batch attached as a file.  But nothing about a contract with Upwork, milestones, etc.


So, I emailed back, declining this particular project that had a tight deadline (I'm snowed under with other projects both on and off Upwork), but inquiring about the Upwork thing, and yes, they are inviting me to work for them directly, although they said we could also do it through Upwork.


Can they do that???  We never had a contract on Upwork, but that's how they heard of me, although I'm also a published writer under my own name.


Thanks for advice!


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Michael S Member Since: Aug 29, 2017
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Since you and the client originally found out about each other through Upwork, you're both bound by the 24-month non-circumvention period.


However, if they wish to hire you directly, then there is the option of paying the opt-out fee, calculated based on what Upwork would expect to make from the two of you in commission over that same period. You would have to contact Upwork to inquire about this process, and they would tell you all the details. The opt-out fee isn't small, however (something like $3500 just as a base, off the top of my head). But whether or not it's worth it vs just staying on Upwork is a decision between you and the potential client.

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Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Karen, 

I want to look into this further. Could you please share screen grabs of your conversation with this client with me through a private message so that I can have the team investigate it? Please also note the client's Upwork information (name/job post link from March) so that I can use it as reference. I'll wait for your message. 

~ Avery