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Obvious well fitting job posting but Upwork won't approve my profile!

Please help! I am a physical therapist and writer and I was forwarded a job position for subject matter expert in physical therapy and yet Upwork won't approve of my profile. They said there's no need for me even though there is obviously this job that fits me perfectly. Please help! What am I not saying in my profile that needs to be said to be approved?

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By "no need for you," or whatever language they actually used, Upwork is telling you the market for physical therapy writing is saturated. This may seem implausible on its face; however, if you work in this area already, you must be aware that there are, for better or worse, countless physical fitness writers in the world. That market could indeed be saturated here. My guess is that Upwork lumps you in with writers—a more generally saturated market—who are not qualified to write in your niche, but are deemed your competitors anyway.

There may be little you can do about this without radically redefining your niche, or at least emphasizing that you are a medical practitioner writing on medically-prescribed therapy. I am not sure how much patience Upwork has for repeatedly revised and resubmitted profiles.

edited to add: Not sure what you mean by being forwarded a job. If there is an Upwork client who specifically wants to hire you, you can ask Support if there is a way that client can bring you on as "their" freelancer.

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Retired Team Member

Hi Judy,

I just checked your account and it was approved, you will need to select one of our membership plans in order to be able to bid on jobs. To chose one of our plans go to Settings > Membership&Connects, if you`re experiencing any issues on your end let us know here. Thank you.

~ Goran
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