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One invoice a year - Is it possible?



What is the best method to make less invoices possible on unbounce? Can I have one invoice per year for all clients?




Do you mean you want to be paid only once per year? The short answer is no, you can't do that. Invoice timing is different depending on whether it's a fixed-price or hourly job, but unless you have a single milestone on a fixed-price contract that is only completed once per year you'll get be paid either weekly or by milestone. 


If you're inquiring about the ability to create a document that shows all your earnings by client per year the answer is yes. You can do so in Reports either by selecting Earnings by Client or go to Transaction History and set the filters to the parameters you'd like. https://www.upwork.com/earnings-history 

Thank you for your answer!

I have to pay for every bill I submit to the tax authorities. So I want to have less bills possible.

If I understood you right, I will be able to generate one bill for one year. (Right now I don't find that in the account and your link does not work).

It is also important for me to know, if I have to make one bill for every client.


Thanks again...

Go to Reports and use the drop-down menu to navigate to either of the options I mentioned. You can print reports from there showing earnings. I'm not sure how detailed your documents need to be for your tax purposes, but that's where you will find all of the reports you can create.