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Only getting invites from clients who want to communicate outside of Upwork

Hello eveyone,


I am getting a bit frusterated. The only invites I am receiving are from unverfied clients who want to inteview me on google hangout or via text, which seem really unprofessional to me.


I was speaking with one client through upwork messaging and he gave me his phone number and asked me to text him. I asked him f we could conduct the interview on the Upwork phone and he said he did not know how to use it. When I told him only conduct interviews thorugh UpWork communications he declined my proposal. 


How do the rest of you communicate with your clients? I do not see any reason to take communications off of Upwork, but then again i am not getting any jobs, so maybe I am doing something wrong. 


I would appreciate any assistance. or insite on how the rest of you are conducting interviews.


Thank you





Hello Christine,


The matter what you're talking about is more common that you think. 


The clients usually are accustomed to work with the same applications along a lot of time so, it's easier to them to use some apps like Skype or Hangout for communication purposes.


You should no worry about that, the really thing that must concern you is that all the payments MUST be throught UpWork as well as the contract requirements SHOULD be described in the job offer to avoid disputes issues in the future.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Christine,


I checked your active candidacies and have a strong suspicion two most recent conversations you had with prospective clients are a scam. I asked our team to review these jobs and would like to direct you to check our safety tips, in order to recognize scam jobs both at the onset of the interview or in the follow up communication. 




You are wasting your time and energy! Stop doing that.


DO NOT read anything or give any thought to any unsolicited invitations that you receive. As soon as you receive an invitation, decline it.


You need to focus ONLY on jobs that you apply to.


Given your job niche and newbie status, ALL of the invitations you receive right now are scams.


I receive invitations every week from legitimate, high-paying clients.


Some day you may reach that point. But right now, you will not receive ANY legitimate invitations.

re: "How do the rest of you communicate with your clients?"


Most of the clients I work with have only communicated with me via Upwork messaging.


But I have also communicated with clients using email, Slack, Skype and phone.


IT IS OKAY for you to communicate with real clients using any communications method you want!


If a real client wants to talk to you on the phone or text with you or Skype with you, that's okay!


But don't waste your time with scammers, no matter how they want to communicate with you.


If somebody sends you an invite and asks you to use Google Hangouts, just ignore them or block them. It's a scam.


Christine - Scammers specifically look for new freelancers. They are the easiest to scam because they are way to eager thinking they will  make tons of money right off the bat, then to take the time to read posts here and to read the TOS.


They don't know what to look out for, they don't know the procedures and they don't know the do's and don'ts of this site. If you read these discussions you will see that there isn't  day that goes by that some new freelancer will post about how they accepted a check that was sent to them and cased it and it turned out to be bad. Or how they sent money to the client for a laptop and software that the client said was needed for a job. Or to even give out personal information (to a stranger on the internet) You'll also read, every day messages saying, I did the work, but the client disappeared, how do I get paid.


New freelancers do not get invites. The invites they get at this time are scams. Google Hangouts are where all the scammers hang out because the messages they communicate to the freelancer can't be seen by Upwork (unless the freelancer copies it and reports it.


I communicate with clients mostly through this messaging system here. At times I have communicated through Skype and through phone calls. At times, actually talking with someone may be beneficial because much more can be communicated and understood with "voice" communication. But that depends on the type of job and how complicated it may be.


Until you have some completed jobs your best bet would be for you to look for jobs on here and submit proposals. As you get more and more jobs, and know what to look out for in the way of scams, then you'll start to receive real, legitimate proposals from some great clients. But it takes time to land that first job.