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Out of connects before I even started


I have just signed up and got ID verified tonight to apply for my first job. When I clicked on the submit proposal button it said I was out of connects even though I have not applied for anything. Can you please help me figure out what has gone wrong here.

Thank you,

CL Harmon

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Have you chosen a membership plan? In case you haven't, choose it in the accounts menu.

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Is your account already approved? Because you have just made your account, chances are it's not yet approved that's why there are no connects showing. Click on the Find Work, look at the right part, under Proposals, you'll see how many number of active candidacies, submitted proposals and available connects you have. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Clinton, 

I can see that you already have chosen a membership plan, and you were able to bid on a job. Let us know if you need anything else we can help you with. 

~ Avery
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