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Outsource full Department of my company in USA Legally

I would like to Outsource full Department of my company. As far as I know, I can't hire foreign remote workers directly because the US law does not allow me to do that. My questions are: how can I Outsource a full Department of my company through your services and keep all my records legally? Are you a company registered here in the United States? Under which concept should I record my expenses in your company? What is exactly my business to business relationship with you?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for your interest, Christian.


Here you can find some general information about how Upwork can help you connect with freelancers and get work done. I also see that you've already reached out to us via a support ticket. I'll follow up with the team about it and one of our agents will continue assisting you with your questions directly.

~ Bojan
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