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Paid but I hadn't done any work

Hi, so I'm fairly new to upwork, this is my third client and first hourly contract. I worked for one week, five hours, but last week we both agreed to not do any work since it was not in his budget. He still got charged the same amount as if I worked at the same time. Is this an automatic thing? Does anyone else have any issues with this? He's asking for a refund, what should I do?

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NORMALLY if you do not log any time, then the client is not charged anything at all.


But it is POSSIBLE for clients to set up a "weekly salary" (or "retainer") which is a specified amount of money that you get paid NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO.


A lot of times I see clients set that up unintentionally. They may not have paid close attention when creating the contract and clicked those buttons without reading what they were for.


If your client has set up your contract with a weekly salary, then yes: It is an automatic thing.


In order to STOP paying that, the client would need to close the current contract and set up a new one without a weekly salary.

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Hi Katie,


The contract was originally set up by your client and accepted by yourself with the weekly limit for logged hours and a Recurring Weekly Payment. This means that you'll get paid weekly even if you don't track any time. You can find more information about refunds here. 



~ Bojan
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