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Payed a freelancer and havent got any reaults yet

Hello I have an issue, I payed a freelancer on hourly basis to build for me a landing page.

Its been two weeks since I payed and haven't seen any results yet or any updates regarding my project. 

Can someone please help me??? I payed a lot of money and haven't got my page yet.

Can i still get a refund?? Im all new to upwork and didnt know that on hourly basis they can charge me before I get my project. 

What can I do?

Thank you

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If you do not feel that this particular freelancer is the best fit for your project, and if you feel like the freelancer has been logging time without providing you with solid, usable results, then you should pause the contract so that no additional time can be logged.


How much did you pay so far?


What do you mean when you say that you "haven't got your page yet"? What has the freelancer sent you thus far?


re: "I'm new to Upwork and didn't know that on hourly basis they can charge me before I get my project."


It is good that you now understand more about how Upwork works. With an hourly contract, you are charged automatically for the time that a freelancer logs. Getting charged has nothing to do with any specific deliverables. It has to do with how much time a freelancer spends working on your project.


re: "Can i still get a refund?"

Maybe. But you should understand that it is not Upwork's intention that you get a refund when you hire freelancers to work for. It is Upwork's intention that you pay for the time that freelancers spend working on your project.


It is possible to dispute hourly work. You can read more about that here:



I payed 250$ on the 30th of november and got only a mockup of the landing page so far.


can you help me with the dispute ?

So to be clear, you HAVE received something. You received a mock-up of the landing page. This mock-up is something you could provide to other freelancers if necessary to have them do the final steps in creating a functional landing page.


Have you asked the freelancer to send the remaining files? Such as the source files that generated the mock-up?

One thing that you should understand is that none of the files the freelancer created while working for you belong to him. The files belong to you, the paying client. But if you received a refund, the files would not belong to you. Not even the mock-up.


Can you get a refund?
Probably not.


The time to dispute hourly time is within five days after the work week ends. The work was logged over two weeks ago. The time to dispute that work is over. It is not Upwork's intention that you receive a refund. Even if the hours were logged in the previous week, you would not necessarily receive a refund. You would only receive a refund from Upwork if the hours didn't meet certain criteria, such as if the time was manually logged, or had inadequate memos.

If you do not highly value the work that this freelancer is doing for you, then you should absolutely end the contract. You should decide to not pay the freelancer any more money. You should decide to not hire this freelancer again. But I don't see any basis for getting a refund.


However, the Upwork user interface DOES ALLOW you to ask the freelancer for a refund, which could be a partial refund or complete refund. If you want to, you may send a message to the freelancer and ask for a refund, although I am not recommending that you do that.

It IS POSSIBLE that there are additional files to be had, and freelancer didn't send them yet because he was waiting to see if you were going to need any additional changes.


I recommend you ask for all the remaining files before you do anything. Send a message to the freelancer:


"Simon, thank you again for your work on the landing page. The mock-up you send has everything I need, and I am not planning to ask for any more changes. Can you go ahead and send all of the files? (HTML, CSS, source, etc.) If you can do that, then the project can come to a close and of course I will be very appreciative."

Hi Preston Thank you for your answer.


My problem is that there were 2 contracts with the freelancer.


1. First it was the mockup of landing page (which I got for 100$)


2. Second was the landing page itself,  I payed 150$ on an hourly basis because the freelancer asked.

It's been 3 weeks since I payed the amount and still haven't got much details about the status of this project...I haven't got the landing page yet...


Im kinda hopless here cause the dispute is no longer possible and the only way to get my money back is through the freelancer, is there any other option for upwork to interfere this contract ? Do they provide phone number for additional help?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Oded,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience with this freelancer. We'll have one of our agents reach out to you via a support ticket to assist you with reaching out to freelancer and advise you on future steps. 


Thank you for reaching out to us. 

~ Bojan
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