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Paying to be a total newbie at upwork


**Edited for Community Guidelines**
**Edited for Community Guidelines**

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Good morning everyone... I have only registered for 2 weeks on this freelance jobs page and I admit, I am a total newbie at the moment... I am just notifying you that THEY ALREADY TRIED TO SCAM ME or literally THEY SCAMMED ME due to ignorance of the regulations of the application.

I applied to be a transcriptionist and translator into Spanish in addition to other things I know how to do,

The first to write to me was **Edited for Community Guidelines**, but he asked me to install Telegram and since I wanted to do it I let it go...

The second was **Edited for Community Guidelines**, since they sent me a telegram again, I installed it on my laptop and started talking, I wanted to transcribe and TRANSLATE a 100-page book on the history of Isabella the Catholic, since I love ancient history, I accepted the job, With my OCR software in less than 24 hours it was ready, aligned, transcribed, corrected into modern English and translated into Spanish, I had given them a price per hour but they told me that because of how fast I was they were going to pay me "a little more" for my services... I couldn't believe the amount (first red flag) I sent the email that the job was assigned to me AND IT DOESN'T EXIST (second red flag) and when I finally sent it to them via telegram and they were going to pay me THEY DO NOT TRANSFER ME DIRECTLY OR VIA PAIPAL OR VIA UPWORK BUT THROUGH A PAGE CALLED **Edited for Community Guidelines**, I'm starting to get nervous, (third red flag), if I don't pay $100 they won't give me the pin so I can transfer my own money, it smelled like SCAM to me... and yes... IT WAS.

The third was YESTERDAY**Edited for Community Guidelines**, again they sent me a telegram, (first red flag) again I FALL, at least this one was shorter, they needed to transcribe a 40-page veterinary anatomy book, (second red flag it was half a book), they I say more or less how long it will take, I tell them more or less how much my service will cost and they say they are going to pay me more... (gosh another red flag but since I was distracted at home I didn't see it coming or not I read the message on Telegram), well I send the work ready in less than 4 hours, they tell me that they are going to pay me BY DIRECT TRANSFER, again I start to get nervous, at night they ask me for my information for payment and today in the morning I received an email telling me that I HAD TO PAY A TAX OF $70 IF I WANTED MY MONEY BECAUSE IT WAS BEING WITHHELD BY THE IRS??

I have already learned my lesson, YOU MUST READ THE UPWORK REGULATIONS WELL so that this does not happen to you!! At least they were small jobs and they gave me experience and also to TIME MYSELF and know how long I can do things, it is the only consolation I have left.

Second lesson learned, I can translate and transcribe in a language that is not my native language, align, adjust following the guidelines given by the client in less than 1 day or in less than 4 hours hahaha. (laughs so as not to cry)

If I have carried out remote computer maintenance work via team viewer to friends I have in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Hong Kong, and the payments always arrive in my national currency without any problem, in a maximum of 2 hours, But since this was the first time I did it without the client sitting next to me, I let myself get scammed like this.


Hello Gabriela,


I'm sorry to learn about your recent experiences. You may already be aware, but I'd like to reiterate that Communicating outside of Upwork before a contract starts is a violation of the Terms of Service. A client suggesting taking communication outside of Upwork before a contract begins is a typical red flag for possible scams. Additionally, accepting payments outside of Upwork is considered Circumvention and is also against the rules.


A real client will never ask you to give them money to start working, cash a check for them, work for free, or provide your personal information. Whenever you encounter these situations, please report them using the available flagging options so the team can investigate further. Please take some time to read through this article for more information on how you can stay safe on Upwork.

~ Luiggi
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As I said in my story about how I was scammed for not reading the regulations, I am a newbie to working freelance in things other than computer maintenance, since I have been a technician for 35 years, and I have clients outside of my country that I serve. from here (of course as long as the computers turn on and the team viewer can load hahaha), so, after drying my tears I started to investigate all those people, where I can send that information to the upwork team to see what they can do, I have all the IP's from where they scammed me and so on, even Google Map images of where the **Edited for Community Guidelines**company offices supposedly operate.

You are right. Take a little time to read rules then you will avoid time wasting for most of scam.

Want some good news to make you more happy? You still not banned for violations you did. Take lesson and be careful in future.

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