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Payment Question

Hello everyone. 


We agreed with a freelancer for a job. I paid him $10 and the payment was completed successfully. and it was taken out of my bank account.and then we finished the job.


Then we didn't do business again but he opened me a $12 payment request again


Even though we didn't do any work, I got a notification for paying 12$ again


I said "end contract" because we did not do business.and then I removed my card information, and my account is now closed.


Why do I have to pay money when we don't do business?

I will not pay. because with the first job and $10, the job was completed.and not work again.


Because after 1-2 week again, a payment of $12 was requested without my knowledge.

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Hello Aka T.,

I think you left the job open after the first milestone was done. He then added another milestone for 12usd but that doesn't mean you should accept it. As for closing your account I am not sure why especially that I am not a client.

I am sure someone more experienced here will give you a more detailed answer.


Hi Aka,


I can see that one of our agents reached out to you via a support ticket with more information. Kindly follow up on that ticket so they can assist you further.

Thank you.

~ Luiggi
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