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Re: Payment Stuck in "Payment Request" , How do I accept Client's Payment

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Brittny D Member Since: Apr 20, 2019
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Hello all ! I just finished my first contract which was a logo **Edited for Community Guidelines**. After submitting all the files to the client the contract moved into the "Payment Request" category. My client asked if I accepted the payment she made but I do not see a prompt to accept the payment. How do I accept a payment is it something on my end or on my clients end that needs to be approve before a payment can be made?


P.S. The contract was fully funded from the beginning

Thank you in advance for answering ☺️

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Riri A Member Since: Jul 21, 2018
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Hi Brittny,


When you have completed your work, you need to submit it for review using the submit/request payment button. Once you do that your client has 14 days from the time you submit work on a project, to review the work and release a payment. If the client does not take any action within 14 days, then the payment is automatically released to you. You can check this link for more information. Let me know if you need anything else. 

~ Riri

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Brittny D Member Since: Apr 20, 2019
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Hi Riri !


I appreciate you explaining this process to me, thank you !