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Payment problems

Active Member
Helli everyone! I am pretty new to Upwork and I have some issues with the payment. I started a fixed price project and apparently the first milestone was due this Thursday, the last the next day when I finished the job. It was mentioned in a mail that both milestones were funded, but I still cannot see any payment. Although I finished everything four days ago, the contract is still open and I can see that it expires today. However, when I go to this job I can see that nothing was payed. Do I have to wait for a certain amount of time to see it or is somethin really wrong. The client mentioned that the payment will be released automatically but since the contract is still not closed I do not know what to believe.

Hi Merima, 

Welcome to Upwork! When you work on fixed-price projects, you need to submit work submitted via the milestone submission page.


To submit a milestone for approval:

  1. Go to My Jobs, click on the contract, and click Request Milestone Approval.
  2. Write a message to your client describing the work.
  3. You can also add an attachment or include a link to the work. This isn't required, but it's important that your client has some way to review your work once you submit it for approval.

When you click the Submit Request button, your client will be notified you have submitted work for their approval. You will be notified when they approve payment or request changes. If your client didn't request for changes within the 14-day review period, the payment in Escrow will automatically go to your account as pending and will be available after 5 days.

~ Avery