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Payment process



This is my first project. The first milestone was completed, I requested payment and the client approved it. That was a couple days ago.


When can I expect the funds to hit my Upwork account? I have seen all kinds of conflicting information on the forum. Also, once it shows up in Upwork, what is the processing time? Is it differebt fr a first timer?



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Hi Daniel,

Payments for fixed-price milestones and bonuses have a 5-day security period and it starts from the time payment is made. After that your funds will be available for withdraw.



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You'll find all the answers on your Reports Overview Page - click on all the little question marks and the info on the "When will I get paid" page.


"Where is my money?""Where is my money?"


It always cracks me up to see you post this on questions of getting paid. It makes perfect sense. Great tool to use to get people to understand this topic!:smileylol:

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