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Payment troubles

My name is William and I'm facing some problems with the site.
If anyone could help me, I would be grateful.
The website charged me many different times and so far, 
I have requested only a simple job of $20. 
I understand that there are some additional expenses, 
but something is wrong. 
What could I do in such case? 
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi William, 

I checked your account and can see that you've only spent $20 for your contract, plus the service fee of $0.55. The previous cancelled offers, and contracts have already been credited back to your account. And the refundable deposit has also been refunded to your account.

~ Avery
Community Member

Good afternoon.

Thank you for replying me; however, only a very small part of the many was refundable to me, I have paid much more than only the $20 dollars and because Upwork has charged me many times, I would need to pay around $60 only for exchange variation, because dollar is not the currency of my country.

Could you please, help me with it?

Have a nice day!

re: "Thank you for replying me; however, only a very small part of the many was refundable to me"


It sounds like everything else has be refunded. You may need to wait a few more business days to see it all in your account.

Hello, Preston.

I have been waiting for more than 5 business day. How much time does it usually take?

Thank you.

Hi William,

I am able to confirm that you haven't paid excess of $20 + the processing fee on your contract, as Avery previously advised.

However to help in understanding your account transactions, I would suggest reviewing this help article and this one as well. I hope this helps to clear things up with regard to your Upwork charges.


Hello, Nina.

I read the articles you have shown me, however there is no explanation for paying 5 times the price for a $20 dollars service.

If you want to, I can show you my credit card bill.

This month, Instead of $20, I have paid more than $100 only for this service at Upwork. Is it normal?

I only want to have this problem solved to allow me to hire more services through your website. How can we solve this problem?

Thank you!


We'll have one of our agents get in touch with you directly to go over the charges with you. You'll be hearing from them very shortly, thank you.

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