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Payment withdrawal in Bitcoin

Hello, UpWorkers. 


I kindly want to know if Up Work has ever thought of providing Bitcoin as a payment withdrawal method for freelancers? I come from Uganda but I lose a lot of money in transfers i.e. If a client pays 100 dollars, I only receive 60 dollars which I find so unfair. Paypal also blocked our country from receiving payment. Everything is a hassle for us, Is there a way Upwork can help a Ugandan, please?

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Irrelevant but did you try Payoneer? It cuts only $1 in every withdrawal. I also can't use Paypal, and Payoneer works very well to me.

Hi Dogan, 


Thank you for your reply. However, Payoneer for $100 it charges 15 dollars to transfer to my bank account. Also, the bank takes a percentage off that money. 

Hi Irene, 

If I remember correctly, this has been suggested before but we do not have a timeline when it will be considered. Just the same, I will share it again with the team so that this suggestion can be reviewed and considered. 

~ Avery

Hi, Avery


Thank you for your reply, and I appreciate your efforts. If Up work considers adding BTC as a payment option, it will be the coolest thing ever. 

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I am also very interested in this, especially with the depreciation of the US dollar against other currencies. It's not easy to receive dollars and spend euros.

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hi.how are you.please help me.

My country is Iran and we also have this problem to get money, please guide me, there is a lot of talent in Iran and it can help the world a lot!!!!

Hey Doğan, actually to withdraw fee to payoneer is 2 dollars and to withdraw money from payoneer to your local bank account you pay %2 fee (Considered you don't have payoneer card. Even if you have one, It cuts 3.15 dollars to withdraw from atm and it has an annual fee of 29.95 USD.) If you calculate, the direct to local bank method that Upwork offers has a better exchange rate. I am curious how you withdraw your payments with minimum fees. I am new to Upwork and I'm holding my money in my Upwork account to figure out the best method. It would be really helpfull if you assist me. 

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I total agree with you.
Some time ago I have tried to ask this here on upwork..
we should have more options to withdraw like, Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other way would be great. Im stucked with Payoneer. In average 6% is gone. Bank goes higher dont know the numbers anymore. but more then 15%,
+ 12% of tax
+ 5% > 25% upwork fee >
almost half of your work is gone before it arrives on your hand.

I realy dont understand why is not possible to add more ways fo us to withdraw.
Please help understand what is the problem to add any cryptocurrency to withdraw? Is also possible to make a new coin directly in the system. ...With an internal prepaid card kkkkk Imagine upmoney cryptocurrency. With a fix 1 > 1 dollar conversion. There are plenty ways to do this. Thats not difficull to do. Im sure you can get as many programmers as you want and able to do this on upwork.

Just let free our money. So we can guide it to our pockets the way we desire. We know best, what to do with it.

Payoneer support is not the best. If you try to reach out to support there, you will be responded to by bots. A real human will respond to you after 2 business days, that is if you have persisted through the bots. So if you get a problem with your payment, it could take you more than a week to get it resolved there if you are persistent. 

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Here in Argentina its the same, paypal its blocked, and the only way is to sell USD dolars at 50-70% less price to get ARS pesos, thats not fair, they scams you. Im trying to use Bitwage but it seems banned by upwok...


Paypal its banned here, and payonner sends you pesos at the "oficial change".

Same here
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I support you Irene . For our country, it is best to pay in Bitcoin or CryptoCurrency. Other payments are not accepted by our country. As a result, I could not even do what I wanted to do. Please I would like to request Upwork Team, We also want Bitcoin to be paid for freelancers.

Shwe Y wrote:

I support you Irene . For our country, it is best to pay in Bitcoin or CryptoCurrency. Other payments are not accepted by our country. As a result, I could not even do what I wanted to do. Please I would like to request Upwork Team, We also want Bitcoin to be paid for freelancers.

As you can see, Irene's message is years old.
Upwork has not added Bitcoin or CryptoCurrency, and for now will not. I say this because of the responses Upwork have given to other people.


You can see if WISE works in Myanmar.
I use it to transfer in dollars and do the conversion to euros there to send it to my bank.
Wise's exchange rate is better than Upwork's or my bank's.

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I am from Uganda too, still facing the same banking challenges, a crypto withdraw system will indeed ease our suffering with the banks.

To my knowledge, WISE works in Uganda.

Check it out.

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We would need to be able to cash out in BTC or crypto as soon as possible. In countries like Argentina where there are very restrictive economic measures, for every 100 USD we receive 60. The rest remains in the hands of governments and it is not fair.

Cryptocurrencies alleviate these barriers and would make Upwork much more profitable.

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Can anyone explain what is the process, to send from upwork to wise ? 
What you choose in upwork:
- add payment method 
- Wire Transfer (USD) of Direct to U.S. Bank (USD)

Then in wise you do what after registration ? 


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+1 for this. 


For some countries like ours, transaction and conversion fees are ridiculous! It would be better if we could withdraw crypto currencies or even convert it to something like Amazon gift card

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