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Sasha W Member Since: Apr 21, 2021
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Hi Guys,


So I just finished my first job on Upwork. In order to get paid, I had to ask her to send me a job invite on Upwork (which neither of us knew about as we are both newbies). So once she sent me the official invite, I had to download the desktop app. 


In total, I worked 13 hours, but neither she nor I could log them manually. She has now paid me as a bonus (the only way we could figure it out). I received an email from Upwork saying she paid me the bonus. But I can't seem to add it as a completed job on my profile (says job still in progress) and neither can I find the balance in my balance?


any advice??

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Youssef B Member Since: Jun 29, 2020
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Hi Sasha, To be able to log the time automatically using the desktop app, you'll need to open it and select the contract that you are willing to work on, then turn the tracker on. It will automatically track and log the worked hours.

In case you prefer logging the hours Manually, the client has to allow this from the contract room.

The job will always be "in Progress" as long as neither you nor the client end the contract. If no more work is needed, ask the client to end the contract and give you a nice feedback.

Regarding your balance, you can find all your balance details from "Reports" page.
And because the payment was sent to you in form of a bonus, you should find it under the "pending" tab then it will be available to be withdrawn after 5 days from the date it was sent to you.

I hope this helps, wish you the best of luck.
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Sasha W Member Since: Apr 21, 2021
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Hey Youssef,

Wow thank you so much for taking the time to reply to this in-depth - I
really appreciate it.

Warmest wishes,