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Paypal won't even open to register

Hi - newish here. 

I am trying to add a payout method. When I click on add paypal it won't open anything. Any ideas? I scoured the web and couldn't find anything. I also searched for a help email address for upwork but couldn't find that either. Please advise....thanks!


Hi Amy,


Are you referring to adding Paypal as a payment method? Was there any specific error message showing when you tried to add it as your payment method?

~ Joanne

Nothing happens when I click on add paypal. 

Hi Amy,


Could you please clear your cache and cookies or log in with another browser to check if you’re still experiencing the same issue?


Let us know if the issue persists.


Thank you.

~ Bojan

Ok I did so and the same issue - nothing happened upon clicking "Set Up" paypal.

Hi Amy,


Thanks for trying out the troubleshooting step. We're sorry to hear that it still did not work out for you. I've escalated your concern to the team. One of our agents will reach out and assist you directly via a support ticket.

~ Joanne



To whomsoever it may concern,


I just created my paypal account lastnight June 17, 2021. there was a wierd glicht or maybe ISP problem when trying to confirm my paypal account. but I just try to wait for it about 1 - 2 hours. then when I try logging in. Voila it works and I confirm it and successfully created.


My ISP is from a local internet provider in Davao City Philippines. Skycable broadband.


Thank you,








Andrew Voughn




I hope this helps, try clearing your browser history by going to settings: in Chrome Settings>Privacy & Security>Clear browsing data (optional and it works mostly in my case) Choose {All the time} close the browser and open again.

Nothing ever worked. I had to use another computer. Then it worked. Very odd. Thanks everyone for your answers. 

Well done! you found solution for it! congrats and welcome aboard! now the hard part is up next 🙂 oh by the way try to clean up your computer by using onboard tools on your operating system or use third party software or you can research how to clean cache or temp files on your hard drive manually. remember to back up your files before trying to clean it up. 

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