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Pending bonus

Hi everybody,

I have a question about the bonus remaining as pending (ie in the left column it shows pending). First of, the client's payment method is verified (it was unverified until maybe a day before he paid me but it is now verified and was verified when he paid me) so how could the payment have failed. It has been more than 23h now and it is still pending ( I know that it can be up to 24h but it seems very unlikely at this point it will be processed by then). Does anyone know when the daily charge runs are? How likely is it that the payment has failed then? Also the contract is meant to continue and we should be having a session on wednesday. I am new to upwork and I didn't know about time logging before as this is my first job.


Edit: Thank you Olga for the reply its cleared now there is a date now it just took a bit more than 24h perhaps something like 26,27h but definitely more than 25h (as would be 24h and 1h for the update)


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As every payment made by client to freelancer, there is 5 days waiting period until you can withdraw the money (at least it always is 5 days for me). It is treated as any usual payment for the job, with all fees applied. "Pending" doesn't mean it failed, it means you need to wait until you can actually have it on your account to withdraw.


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