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Pesky Freelancers!

Hi. I'm just posted a job and expected to get messages from freelancers via the Upwork site. Instead I a receiving messages via Skype.


Any suggestions how to reduce this feedback?





Pesky is a pretty nice word for those beggars. The thing is, never include any contact info into a job posting, nor any website with your contact info. This way you will only be contacted through the usual process of proposal submission.


Unless you have decided otherwise, your job is public and searchable on Google. So in addition to the bottom of the barrel here on Upwork that will swarm around you, you also have the mire of the global Internet trying to scam you.

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If you post a job on Upwork, it is 100% unacceptable for any freelancer to contact you except through the official method: submitting a proposal through Upwork.


It is completely acceptable to report such a freelancer to Upwork. But you are not obligated to do so.


I have posted dozens of jobs on Upwork. I don't recall that this has ever happened to me. But on occasion I have had people contact me via Skype or email asking to work for me. I simply delete these immediately. Such people do not deserve a reply. And they will not notice if you don't reply, anyway, because they are using a "shotgun" or "scattershot" approach to looking for work... casting about widely and blindly without having any actual respect for or understanding of the people they are contacting.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Adam,


One option you have is to remove your website link from the job post and only share it in direct communication during the interview phase, since it contains your direct contact details. Also, please pm me the users who contacted you directly and screenshots of their messages, so I could ask our team to take action against them for violating Upwork ToS.


Let me know if you have any questions.

~ Vladimir

**Edited for Community Guidelines**Thanks Vladimir. There were well over 20 who contacted me via Skype, and even Facebook messenger. I had deleted most of them by the time I got your message, and riverted the job post to "Private".


In future I won't be posting my website address. If there isn't one already, it would be good to have a warning somewhere on the site when posting a job- so others can avoid this in future?


See attached (nb. - only messages in bold)



Adam, chances are most of them aren't even *ON* Upwork...


Next time leave off contact details and also consider setting the job to "Logged in Upwork users only" rather than totally private, that way you still get proposals, but don't get all those parasites attacking you.