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Please Tell Me all the ways through I can get banned from Upwork?

Please tell me all the ways through I can get banned from upwork?

Husnain Ali
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Husnain, 

You may want to check out these articles here, and here for some basic information about actions that are not allowed on Upwork. More information can be found in these articles and this section of the User Agreement for a list of prohibited site uses. 

~ Avery
Community Member

It really depends how fast you want to get banned. I think the fastest way is feedback building, meaning fake 5$ or 10$ jobs from "clients" in the same household or same IP adress. Stealing a profile picture from the internet is also a fast solution. 

I don't want to get banned, I just want to take care of those activities to
prohibit getting banned. Please help me out.
Husnain Ali

It's like Pokémon.


Gotta collect them all.

Then don't ask the question like that. This is like showing your passport to immigration and saying: could you give me a complete list of the things that would get me deported? I want to make very very sure I don't do any of those! 

Not the way to go. 

Just read the terms of service. Common sense will help you to avoid getting suspended. 

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