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Please fix the 'Submit Work For Payment' form!

I really, REALLY hate it when I'm filling out the 'Submit Work For Payment' form, and I've written several paragraphs, then I click on another window to check something, but when I click back on the page with the form to make it the active window again, and I click outside the form itself, the form instantly closes and whatever I've written there gets erased!  This has happened to me several times and cost me a lot of time, effort, and frustration!  There is an X on the top right of the form, and you must change the form's programming so that it doesn't erase itself and its contents unless the X is clicked!

PLEASE make it stop closing and erasing its contents just because another part of the page was clicked on!

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Will Upwork implement the fix that you suggest?



Maybe in the future they'll do that.


Or maybe not.


But meanwhile:


If you are going to write a bunch of stuff - in this or any other form field - then the safe way to do it is in a text editor where you can save your work.


I'm sorry that you lost work.

But this is sort of standard "using a web form 101."


Most web forms - on Upwork and otherwise - can potentially NOT work when you submit them if you spent a lot of time writing stuff... or they might not save your information as you expect them to if you're clicking around doing things. The longer you work, the more likely that your session will time out or that something will go wrong.


I don't doubt that you know how to make a form like this work the right way, and that if you were setting it up, things would be different. Unfortunately, Upwork's forms don't all work the way they should. So just protect yourself and your time by being proactive.


Hi Wayne Edward,


Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! We'll be sure to pass it on to our product team.

~ Joanne
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