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Please help -->>Adding Skills to my profile

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Zarina G Member Since: Mar 28, 2020
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I have created my profile last week on Upwork and struggling to get my profile right. 

I am an Airbnb and property management specialist and can not find appropriate Skill to boost my profile. 

Is this is the reaosn that my profile is not discovered? How to get more views? 


Many thanks, Zarina



Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Zarina,


Welcome to Upwork! I checked your profile and in general, apart from a couple of typos, your profile does appear to reflect the services you're offering. I'd like to bring attention to and suggest making sure your specialized profile is specific to the service you're offering, as well as a couple of skills that might not fit your skillset (SEO for example). You can be more specific when it comes to describing your experience and I'd advise reviewing these resources and the blog and Help articles listed below, in order to further streamline your profile and learn more about working on Upwork.

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Create a Specialized Profile


Regarding the skills you're looking to add, there are different skills related to certain aspects of your niche service. I'm not sure about the scope of your service but you should be able to select a few other related ones, in addition to those you've already selected. Please use the option to modify and specify your skills on your specialized profile, consider updating your specialized profiles's specialty in order to better reflect your specialty, further specify the specialized profile's title and add a few Portfolio samples, 


Please consider taking advantage of the Popular Projects and Testimonials features available on your profiles in order to showcase projects that you repeatedly do for clients and your experience with clients you've worked with off-Upwork. Good luck and keep us updated on your success, or follow up in case you'd like to receive more advice.