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Please review my profile :)


Hi All


I am new on Upwork and feel that my profile could do with a lot of improvement. 

Can you please critically review my profile and suggest how I can make it look better?

1. In the beginning, am I stressing too much on writing? does it look silly? I do want to give the impression that I enjoy writing but I want to keep it balanced and not overdo it. Do you think I should omit the 2nd and 3rd sentence from the first paragraph?


2. By offering a variety of services, does it give the impression that I'm trying to jump into everything or is it normal on Upwork?


3. Please suggest what hourly rate I should display on my profile at this stage with my qualifications, experience, and Upwork work history. Is it too low or just okay? Upwork keeps suggesting I should bid at higher rates but when I look at what the client has paid to others on similar jobs, I just bid at a low rate because I feel I'm a newbie. 


4. Lastly, while submitting a proposal, is it a good idea to say that currently, I'm not working on any other projects and am available to start immediately? or does it give the impression that I'm too desperate?(Which I probably am :D)

Any help would be much appreciated!!