Posted Picture is not upright

I have posted my picture but it is not in the upright position, it is rotated to the right. I tried deleting and uploading sever times and it remains in that position.

I would like to get some help please and  thank you.

Shune Sumner


Hi. I think the original file that you're uploading needs rotating. try the rotate option when you open your picture with an image viewer in your device (before uploading it to your profile) or attach it here. I can fix it for you. but looks too small actually...

You have many more problems with that photo than the orientation. The cropping is wrong. The size is wrong. You can't see your face.


You need to spend some time really working with the upload picture tool, including testing it out in different browsers.


You also need to read information already available in the Upwork Community Forum and Upwork Help pages about how to fix the orientation problem.