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Posters reposting jobs without closing out or deleting their original post??

I'm new to this platform and think it's totally shady that a business will post a job, only to do another post for the same thing without closing the original? Is this common on this site????


I saw a job I submitted a proposal for (along with numerous other people) only to see the same exact post as if the original never existed? I guess if they didn't find what they were looking for the first time, fine, but not having to delete the old listing????

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Jamie, there are a myriad of reasons why jobs are reposted. As you suggested, perhaps the original posting did not attract qualified candidates. Of course, it's questionable that reposting the exact same job will yield better results. As to why the older posting is not canceled, so freelancers who applied could perhaps get their connects back, I assume it's either ignorance or laziness on the part of the client. A more sinister explanation would be the client is a scammer or looking for free work in the form of samples. Regardless, as long as clients can post a large number of jobs without ever hiring anyone, the problem will persist, and as a freelancer, the best defense is to avoid jobs posted by clients with low hiring rate, with the exceptiion of clients new to Upwork who obviously would not have a hiring rate.

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