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What is appropriate answer for the quetion asked in a proposal " do you have any quetion about the job description" ?

The appropriate answer depends on whether or not you have questions. Often, there are things left out of the original posting--in my situation, they might be target length, timeline, whether research is required or information will be provided, etc. 


If there is information missing, I use that box to ask those questions. If there is not, I say no.

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I usually say "no."

Why Mr Preston?

If you want to make them curious, just write "Yes."

Or, you could go all out and just say mayyyyybeee.

...or just this:
"$5?! Really?"


I say nope.


The appropriate answer depends on whether or not you have questions. Often, there are things left out of the original posting--in my situation, they might be target length, timeline, whether research is required or information will be provided, etc. 


If there is information missing, I use that box to ask those questions. If there is not, I say no.

How to reply that effectively..
What past project or job have you had that is most like this one and why?

How would you describe yourself here at that one..
Which of the required job skills do you feel you are strongest at?

Hi Faisal,


I presume you're referring to screening questions clients sometimes include in their job posts. Make sure to choose a previous job that resembles the type of work advertised in the client's post and honestly share your core skills relevant to the ones required for the job.


You are fit for the job?
How to describe that Question while submiting proposal?

Stop asking how to answer job posting questions. The point of the questions is for you to provide answers in your own words. It is not acceptable for you to ask other people how to answer and then copy-and-paste the answers.

Its not i want to copy paste i want to know ideas how can i describe it properly.

Faisal, you have created four threads wherein you post a job posting question you don't understand and ask how to answer it. Please don't ask any more questions here about how to answer job proposal questions. They are not trick questions.


If you don't understand a question or know how to answer, the best thing you could do would be to say so in the job proposal.


If you are not fit for a job, don't apply to the job. If you are fit for the job, then explain why.


Nobody here can tell you how to answer these questions about yourself. That is not one of the purposes of the Forum.

How you can describe what properly? We know the questions, but we don't know the answers. Whether they wanted to or not, nobody can effectively compose an answer for you if they don't know what that answer is. I mean, they're pretty straightforward questions. 

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- Box, Logan's Run (1976)

Yes these are straight forward and targeted questions but i request responders think as these are asked by you what you would answers if you are VA or data entry operator others leave it ignore please.

Preston and scott, please read comment by tiffany s. at my first thread and try to answer like that if you can. Thanks

Well as good as her answer was, and I'm not knocking her in any way... she just essentially said that if you have any questions that you need answered so that the project runs smoothly, then that's the place to ask them. Which is spot on, but that's what the question above the box is as well. 


So the answer to this specific question.... "why do you think you're a good fit for the job?" would be an answer that explains why you're the best person for the job. If you don't think you're the best person for the job, it's unlikely you'll get the job. If you do think you're the best person for the job, then tell the client why. You can't make stuff up, so it's usually one or the other. Sure, maybe you can word something better, but an editor can;t edit anything if they don;t have anything to edit. 


Do you have specific skills that make you the best person for the job? Specific experience? Have you completed similar projects (which is one of your other questions)? All of those are things that could contribute to why you are the best person for the job.


Selling yourself is an important part of freelancing. 

"Welcome, humans. I'm ready for you!"
- Box, Logan's Run (1976)

That's more like I wanted focussing on the words may be to describe myself. Specially, this time, your last paragragh have guidance for me. I want more of like these; so I can maje up my mind to describe my abilities properly. Replying to those questions in loud "no" may not have a good impact on the potential client.
So, idea is to find a reasonable way to say "no" if I don't have the experience for the job before hand. I personaly welcome your responce with regard feeling for you.

You can always try to explain the truth in a straightforward manner:

- You are fit for the job?
- Who?... I?... OMG, no, I don't think so!

Zolťan I mean to say is saying "no" straight forward has a impact that you dont want to but in real life you say "no" for something and willing to do that thing too in future then you will have another way of saying no.
For example, you want go for coffee etc, but the time being you cant not go yet so you will have the impact of willingness.
The idea i got for the question when i was 70% capable of applying for the job but had a lake of experiece, you will get experience with the work. You will see most jobs offer new things so you will show willindness or keep saying "no".

You are not here for "getting experience". No one will pay you for this. Upwork is for experienced freelancers to provide professional services. If you feel that you are not a perfect fit for the job, you don't have to explain anything to the client - simply don't apply.

Did you had experience at upwork at first day.???
You always do work and get experience. I have experience for which I offer, here, the matter is marketing yourself in better way. I am trying to learn that but every jobs has something new to do no matter how experienced you are.
You talking about ideal proposals which do not come exactly hundred percent matching tobyour skills.

"Did you had experience at upwork at first day.???"

Yes. I have started freelancing online with about 20 years of professional experience in my insdustry.


"You talking about ideal proposals which do not come exactly hundred percent matching tobyour skills."

If I feel that I don't fit perfectly, I never apply. Why would I do? Clients are expecting professional solutions for their problems. They are not going to pay you for learning something new at their cost.

The idea is how would you anwser that which i have got by you point of view.
I have got one reply by miss Tiffany S which is most suitable.

Faisal, I think that what others are trying to tell you is that for the more specific questions like "What past project is most like this?" no one can really give you guidance, because we aren't familiar with your work history or the details of the job.


If you do have the relevant experience and are qualified for the job, don't worry so much about the right way to answer these questions. Just tell the truth. DO answer them, though, and not just in a few words, because they are the first thing the client sees when screening proposals.


But, I have to second what a previous poster said about experience. Freelancing is not the place to go after a job where you have 70% experience. You can do that in the brick and mortar world where you'll be working in a physicla location with other people who know how to do the job and are invested in training you for the long haul, but that is not how freelancing works. A freelancing client is looking for someone who can simply take the project and run with it. They don't want to pay you to practice on work that is important to their business.


I'm sorry if that sounds harsh--we all have to start somewhere and get experience. But, Upwork isn't the place to do it. Most of us who are successful here have had years of experience in our fields and bid only on jobs we are entirely confident we can do well with our existing skills and knowledge. Since there is so much competition, it is unlikely that you will get hired if you don't already have all of the skills necessary to complete the project, and if you did it would probably lead to negative ratings that would hurt your chances of getting future jobs.


You really should focus your bids only on those jobs you have all of the necessary skills and experience for.

People are not born with experience.


It is appropriate to look at job postings and see what kinds of skills people are asking for. Then say to yourself: "I would like to work on jobs like this, but I do not yet have enough experience and knowledge in this area."


Then do the following:

- Do NOT apply to the job.

- Study the skill on your own.

- Create some portfolio items demonstrating this skill. (Not working for a client. Working for free, for yourself.)

- Now that you have learned the skill, apply to OTHER jobs asking for this skill.


In addition to what Preston said, you may be able to find opportunities to hone your skills in the real world without expecting someone else to pay for your training time. 


For example, the first marketing writing that I did, 15+ years ago, was for a small business a friend was starting up. I was teaching myself and not the absolute best candidate for the job, but he was starting a business on a shoestring and not in a position to hire a seasoned marketing writer. Someone with a professional writing background who was reading up on online marketing was the better than trying to write the content himself, so it worked well for everyone.

Some people got it and some don't. Problem solving is not for everyone I guess.

Mr. Zoltan and Miss Tiffany
to zoltan first, sir in all your comments before the last one your were trying to say just no but in last comment you explained it in a different and better way. I am thankful to you taking interest guiding newbie.
To miss, you post three times in total i guess all three times guesed my mind rightly. Now i have btr understanding of client's mind by screening questions.
For both of you more senior than me agreed at this point and I have better understanding about the issue. I would like thank both of you taking interest in guiding me to the right with your argues.

Zoltan sir may be he is a harsh teacher a bit. ☺☺

You are very welcome Faisal. Reality is harsh, not me. Smiley Wink

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