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Privacy and use of alias

I have a friend that is interested in making an UpWork account but has concern for his privacy. He doesn't mind submitting his ID and w9 information to the company but would like to use an alias that's available to the public and clients. Is this possible without violating any terms?

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Nope. Your friend must use his own, real, legal name and must use his own photograph in order to access the UpWork platform. Otherwise, he is free to find different platforms and/or different ways to work as a freelancer.

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Hi Michael,

Janean is right. Your friend must use his/her own real name, own ID's and photos. He can however post his name like his/her intials on her/his profile. Posting a different name will be a violation to Upworks' ToS. Here's a link for Identity Verification requirements.

~ Jo-An

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