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Problem in My Account.

I'm new To Upwork. stared  Work in Last Month.  It asked Id verification through a video call and I completed that and got verified badge. and then I started to edit my profile for best looking. so  I need to change the profile picture. uploaded 3 pictures that 3 Photos failed to upload. ok, I thought any problem in Upwork so I tried with some model photo. that photo was uploaded and I can't change that pro pic. and my account again in ID verification through video call on the same day I verified my account. I tried to call but I can't. tried with that bot chat also it says some error try again. yesterday I got the   Ownership Verification message today I completed that and I got a message in the mail "Your ID has been verified, and now you're good to go!" within 10 min I got another message You need to verify your ownership again. ok, I tried to upload again but that page was showing nothing. I tried with different devices also. very disappointed with Upwork.   I'm facing this now...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mohamed,


Please follow up on this support ticket with the information our team is looking for. Once you provide this information our team will assist you further with your account status.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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