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Problem setting up Getting Paid


When I first created my profile, I put in the name "JB Tapia" not realizing that my full name would be needed to match the name on my Paypal or bank accounts. My full name is actually "Joseph Benjamin G. Tapia". 


Is it still possible to change my profile name so i can remove the difficulties in adding payment methods?




Hi JB,


I checked your account, and it looks like your name change request has already been approved; however, you are yet to complete your W-8BEN Form. The Form W-8BEN is a form used to confirm you’re not a U.S. taxpayer and that Upwork is not required to withhold taxes from your earnings. Please follow the steps below to complete the form:


  • Go Settings  Tax Information
  • Provide us with your legal name and address
~ Joanne
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Thank you for the reply. Just finished it. Hope to have everything up and running soon.

Can you check my account?  Upwork has my money, but says my account needs verification, but that was over a week ago and no one has gotten back to me at Upwork.  Do humans ever read this?  Upwork said it deposited a few cents in  my account, but I never received any deposit after a few weeks.  What's the problem at Upwork?

Hi Chuck,


I checked and it seems that you already created a support ticket regarding your concern. Please allow more time for our team to review your case and respond accordingly to your ticket. You will be notified of their response.


~ Nikola

Nikola:  It's been about 3 weeks and I have still not any response from Upwork about getting the $500 that is in my account.  No one has contacted me on any of the messages I have sent.  Are you an Upwork employee or a volunteer?  Why doesn't anyone at Upwork respond? I use their message board to ask about the verification and Upwork deposited a few cents into my bank account in January, but now they don't respond.  Is Upwork for real?  Forward this to an employee at Upwork so I can get an answer. It's clear there is a breakdown between the messages left on your web site and getting a response to a problem.

I apologize for the delay in receiving an update, Chuck.


I’ll go ahead and follow up with the team handling your case and you can expect to receive an update on your ticket directly.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Bojan
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