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Problem with account

2 years ago I created an Upwork account but it was not confirmed, recently I created another account with the same name as the old account (using a different Gmail ) and it was confirmed, I don't know whether my new account will it be locked due to the same name or same IP or not? , I hope someone helps me answer so I can work with peace of mind!

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You seem to be very aware that creating a second account, even if the first one was deleted, is a serious ToS violation. Hence nobody can give you peace of mind in this matter. 

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That's not really a great answer. The OP doesn't seem to be some shady person ripping people off. They're just trying to ask how to prevent their account from being locked, if it were to be.


It's really not a great idea to violate ToS. His second account can be suspended at any time now. 

Thanks, so should i mail them before it is locked ?

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