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Profile Approval


I am trying to get approval to work here on Upwork, but it seems I haven't been approved yet. Can you tell me what I need to get approved? 

Thank you,


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Hey Marc,


Did you already receive the message that you have been denied, or are you still under review?

The most important thing is to add as much skills as you have, and any relevant previous experience, anything that could be useful and you see that you can do well and have experience in, and re-submit your profile in case you were denied.


If you are still awaiting approval, give it a few days, UpWork team is working hard to review everyone as soon as possible, but hundreds of new profiles appear every day, so it can sometimes take a few days to receive the email.


So stay calm, if you are denied, review your profile and try to add any skills you think you have but didn't mentioned before, re-submit it, and that is it:)

Good luck!


Hi Marc,


Welcome to Upwork! Thank you for submitting your profile for review. You will receive a notification regarding your profile approval via email and on your Upwork account. Please allow at least 72 hours for the review. In the meantime, please read this thread about getting started on Upwork and tips to avoid questionable jobs

~ Joanne
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