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Profile Image Issues

I would need to change my profile picture.
Please send to me a link to change my profile photo.
I gave my assistant the task to create an upwork account for me.
Unknowingly to me he uploaded a wrong image in my profile.
That is not an image of me.
I tried to change my profile photo from my profile but it is not working.
I receive an error message
"verify your identity to continue winning jobs on upwork"
Please send me a direct link to change the image on my profile.


Hi Eugene,


Unfortunately, you won't be able to update your profile picture until you've completed the verification request. Please go to Settings > Identity Verification and follow the instructions there. In the future, please know that your Upwork account is your own, and having another person sign in and use it, is not allowed. 


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It was a mistake made by my assistant. 

It was not intentional.

I cannot verify my identity with the wrong photo on my profile. 

Please do something about it.

Let me change me profile photo first then i would verify my identity. 

Please allow me to change my profile photo first. 

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I know my Upwork account is my own. 

And i did not allow another person to use it. 

He only created the account for me. 




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