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Profile Page forces me to make specialized accounts

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Blake P Member Since: Sep 23, 2020
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I have been trying to add works to my profile. When im adding the works I am prompted with the website telling me to make a Specialized Profile; even though i will hit general. I cannot delete both specialized profiles. I cannot add something to my general profile, only to one of two specialized profiles. I am lost at how to remove these and just have one profile. I like the Specialized Profile concept but I am not at that point with my Profile. Thank you for the help.

Joanne Marie P Moderator Member Since: Nov 26, 2017
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Hi Blake,


It seems like you were referring to adding portfolio items. It is by design that there is no option to add new portfolio items to the general profile anymore. Freelancers who do not yet have specialized profiles will not be able to create new portfolio projects until they create a specialized profile. The option to delete the specialized profile is not available also if you only have one. We are now encouraging users to have a specialized profile so we want to ensure everybody owns at least one. This update/change is to encourage users to create specialized profiles as this will allow freelancers to better customize their skills and experience. You may read more about it in this announcement. Thank you!