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Profile Picture Glitch??

(See screenshots) 



New to Upwork - I'm confused why my profile picture is not showing correctly?


I can see my pic here in the forum, and when messaging people privately in the chat window, but not at the top of the page for my public profile or the job posting. 


Thanks in advance!



Hi EA,


Is it the same if you view your account using a different browser? Also, clients do not have a public profile the same way as freelancers do. 

~ Joanne

I don't know about a different browser since I only use Chrome. If it doesn't work properly on Chrome, that's an issue isn't it?


Are you saying there are different categories of profiles depending on whether you are posting jobs or looking for jobs? Surely there are many people (like myself) who would want the option to do both?? Perhaps Upwork should ask the person creating a new profile what camp they want to be in, and whether they want to share a photo publicly? Since I uploaded a photo, I don't understand why it wouldn't be shared with any job I post to give potential applicants a sense of who they are potentially colaborating with... seems like a friendly thing to do when connecting online. At the very least this should be my choice whether my photo is displayed.


Can you please confirm that Upwork DOES NOT publicly show a photo for those who post jobs and there is NO OPTION to change this setting?

Posting an update for others having the same issue.


Apparently, if you use Upwork to post a job, the website automatically assumes you are "a company." (see screenshot attached). The public information shared will be your "company name" and "company profile picture/logo". If you dig into account settings, you will see a place for both a personal name/photo, and a company name/photo.


It's a strange thing to assume that everyone looking for freelance help on Upwork is a corporation/company, and not an individual. For example, my first job posted was looking for a CPA to answer some (personal) tax questions, two other jobs I'm considering posting are custom digital art from a photograph for an anniversary present, and an editor for some of my creative writing. Instead of assuming everyone posting a job is a formal business by default, why not simply ask the question whether you are an individual or respresenting a company upon sign up?

As I mentioned earlier, I would also like to share my own skills within the Upwork ecosystem. Am I honestly expected to create a whole seperate profile for that, and constantly log in and out between the two just to communicate between potential clients who want to hire me, and potential colaborators on my own personal projects? 

If so, it's a pretty screwed up way of doing things, and I'm surprised this issue wasn't addressed earlier. Please let me know where suggestions for improvement to the platform can be submitted -- this needs to change ASAP.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi EA,


I understand the concern you have and can assure you that you can create a Freelancer account on your existing account and don't need to create a second Upwork account. Both your Client and Freelancer accounts will be displayed on your Upwork account and you'll be able to easily switch between them without needing to log in and out.


If you'd like to do work as a freelancer or agency on Upwork, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings  My Info.
  2. Click the Create New Account link at the bottom
  3. Select New Freelancer Account
  4. Once set up, use the account menu at the top-right of your screen to switch between using Upwork as a client, freelancer, or agency.

The "company" is used as a term to describe the client entity and clients are free to add their company or personal name and information. I'll share your feedback with our team.

~ Vladimir
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