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Profile Requires Changes Error

Hello there!


I am Christian Groen and I have been trying to get started on Upwork for the past few days now. Upon creating my account I unknowingly submitted my profile for review before I even finished it!


Now, sadly, I can not resubmit my profile now that it is 100% complete and I have added sufficient information (the only thing it lacks being my demo reel which I will be able to upload in roughly an hour from this topic being posted) about myself and my work. Whenever I try to it gives me a pop-up message saying I need to make the necessary changes which were sent to me in an email. However, I never got the email so I am not sure what it wants me to do.


Is there any help or advice here?


Thank you very much!

- Christian G.


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Hi Christian,

Please edit your profile so that it does not include contact information such as any personal websites, and be sure to update it to include specific skills and the specific services offered by you in your title and then re-submit it. Thank you.

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