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Profile approval.

how can get profile accepted

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@Ali R wrote:

how can get profile accepted

 you can't.

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Community Manager

Hi Ali, 

I checked your account and can see that the team has reached out to you with more information on how you can get your account approved. You may refer to this ticket here, and take the necessary actions as stated on the ticket. 

~ Avery

Hi, Avery O. Sorry for any inconvenience replying this thread.


I'm writing to you on behalf another user. Her email registered here is: *** Edited for Community Guidelines ***. Currently she are working as freelancer in an agency that I work, but her profile wasn't approved yet here in Upwork and we don't understand why. 


We are formally requesting here a support to understand why her profile isn't getting approved after several changes. She have a good skills, a master degree education and good experience in favor of her.

Please, could you support us on this process? It's posible getting in touch by phone of other way so we can discuss and understanding the best way to fit her profile in Upwork needes? 
Sorry again for any inconvenience. She tried to create a new topic here but she aren't able to post on the Community yet.

Hello Vinicius,


We're sorry to hear that her registration wasn't accepted. There may have many freelancers with a similar skillset to hers and we cannot accept her registration. If She has more relevant skills or experience to add now or in the future as she develops them, she can update and re-submit her profile and we’ll take another look to see if there is a demand for her new skills. Thank you.


Hi, Ryan. Thank you for your patience answering me. Very polite from your part.


I will share your thoughts with her. Have a great day.




Hey, is my upwork account approved? I'll be so thankful to you.

Hi Faizan,


Yes, you profile has already been approved and you have connects you can use to submit proposals for jobs on Upwork.



~ Valeria

Thank you so much for quick reply 😊😊
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I updated my profile but still it is not approved. Please help me.

I completed it, I passed five tests with high score, it becomes 100%, but it isn't approved. I think I should have a chance.

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writing just some random letters in your profile description, doesn't makes it complete Smiley LOL
or using someone else's photo.

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Use your own photo.

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