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Profile not approved, please help

Hi, i am new here. I signed up in Upwork as recommended by a co-worker who does part time data entry job through Upwork. I am a Digital Marketing and Communications Manager by day, and would also want to do part time job through Upwork as well. I am very fluent in English, and have a lot of skills, and i just want a part time job as data encoder or virtual assistant, as a start. However, my profile was not approved. I have the another co-worker, also in the same department, who signed up about the same time i did, and her profile was approved. I don't know where i went wrong but i would like to know how come her profile was approved and mine wasn't?

I would appreciate any help on this. Thank you!
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Trisha,


I see your profile has already been approved and you can proceed with reviewing these resources and completing your profile.


Great, thank you so much!