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Profile review

It's been over 12 hours and it is still saying my profile is under review. Why?


I really don't think your profile will get approved in its current state. Just a few suggestions. 


Profile pic: You need to have a professional looking pic (Head and shoulders shot looking at the camera)


You need to add portforlio items and take some tests. 


Your overview could use a lot of work.  You need to tell the client what you can do for them, your services, your skills. What you have in your overview right now belongs in the education section.


You need to put past employment.  


I would look at other profiles of successful freelancers in your category to get a sense of a complete profile. 



Good Luck!!

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Community Manager

Hi Susan,


In addition to Katrina's advise, feel free to check this video tutorial that has more tips and best practices for creating a complete freelancer profile.

~ Valeria