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Profile review

Hello eveyone

Been trying to get my profile to be reviewed for quite some time now.
I have edited my profile but cant seem to find the option to sumbit my profile for review.

need some guidance on how to get this started .. 🙂

Thanks in advance

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Hi Amira, 


Nice to have you in UpWork, welcome!


I don't know about what is the status of your profile approval, but I am sure something is happening all the time. Let me share you my experience in joining UpWork back 2-3 years ago.


I was working for eLance mainly at the time. That company got acquired to UpWork later on. Actually, for a while I was working on both. In eLance I had quite different profile of clientele than here. Then UpWork did acquire eLance and my profile in eLance got imported here. However, I lost everything of the history, and for a while it was difficult to get everything straight.


But, I had a few chats with the customer support. It was not always easy, but one by one, I got things fixed properly. Ever since, I have had quite a few of successful projects and actually quite happy working here.


Persitence, perhaps that is one keyword. And you show it already, because you are looking for the way on. There are millions of users here, I think, so for sure, there is a place for you too, I hope.


Have good week and good luck!



Hi Amira,


After editing your profile, please click on the submit profile for review button. We will review it and provide an update about your profile approval.  


~ Joanne

Hello Joanne Marie
I was editin my profile the other day on my Iphone and I couldnt see the "submit profile for review" button anywhere.
In sometime under 5 minutes from editing my profile (and without hitting any submit for review button) I received an email from up work saying " Unfortunately, after reviewing the skills and experience in your submitted application we have found we cannot accept it."

Can this be right ?

Hi Amira,


Our team is reviewing profiles manually, the time for the process depends on the number of pending application at the moment you submit your profile.

Please use a PC to submit your profile for a review.

~ Goran
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