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I am new to upwork and I am trying to get started. I subbmitted my profile, but now says there is an issue. I do not know what the issue is and it will not let me resubmit the profile.


For one thing, your profile title identifies you as a "Business Consiltant," which is spelled in a way that automatically disqualifies you as a serious candidate for new Upwork freelancer status.


Your profile may be fodder for laughter, but not approval.


Chad, are you one of those people who posts YouTube videos on being a success but you make all your money talking and not doing? You have nothing in your profile.

It said not to be to long. What would you suggest? 


Well, Chad...


1. Copy-edit your profile. You're a former teacher with an advanced degree and you've misspelled "Consultant"?

2. Choose a niche, but make sure it isn't saturated (i.e. search through freelancers in your intended niche). And, if it is, then choose a sub-genre and dominate that area. 

3. Rewrite that last section regarding losing something in a fire. It's a downer on a profile. 


Good luck!


Welcome to the jungle...


Chad: we would love to see you succeed here on Upwork. But we don't believe that a business consultant from Goldsboro uses the English language incorrectly in the way that is manifest in your posts. You do not need to hide who you really are. You should change your profile so that it uses your real name, your real photo, an accurate description of your experience and skill, and correctly identifies where you live.

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