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Hi Everyone,

My profile strenght is 100%. I am daily submitting the proposals.

I never recieve response from any client. 

Can anyone look into my profile and suggest if there is any issue?

I don't know if there is any way to improve my rating and feedback as I am a new freelancer and have worked for 3 clients.

Please suggest me if there is some way to get rating, feedback and response from client regarding my proposals.
I also send my Behance porfolio link in my portfolio.



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Hi Alisa,
Your profile visibility is set to private, so we can't tell anything about your profile.

Hello, sorry for that. I changed it, could you please review it?

Alisa B wrote:

Hello, sorry for that. I changed it, could you please review it?




The first three lines of your overview are the most important, as this is what the client sees first (and the same goes for your proposal) so don't waste them by saying "Hello guys" or  telling your client your name and what you are doing now. Your client wants to know what you can do for them. So start your overview with what you can offer and that is on the second line. However, cut out: "The strongest area of my designing", and make it stronger by  starting  with something like: "My expertise is in branding and visual identity design" etc. 


Cut out "Knock me anytime", which is meaningless and is the sort of expression which will stop being hip in the next three months. There is nothing wrong with "Contact me".  And rather than, "I am always here to help you",  replace it with something like "I can give you professional advice, let's discuss it."


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