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Proposal Question

I am just wondering how proposal works. I have submitted several proposal on a posted job  listing , it show's  it was submitted and deducted but when I get back to the same job description still showing Zero (invites, interview , and proposal) . Is it possible that I have submitted that it didn't go through the client posted job?

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The number under invites represent the number of freelancers the clients invited directly to their job post.

Number of proposals sometimes takes a while to update. 

Dont you worry, about it too much.



Hi Loida,


Thank you for your message. The invites, interviews and proposals section on the job posts are updated and seen in batches and not on the per proposals received basis. That said, there will be a slight delay to see updated numbers for these sections on the job post.


Thank you,


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Hi Loida, good question!


So, there is always a delay between reality and what the platform displays.

This is normal from a technical point of view, usually the refreshing of the numbers is done periodically.

That said, when you send a proposal, it always arrives on time, but it is not sure that it will be added instantly to the number of proposals received on the job post.

I hope this helped.

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