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Proposal for Increasing Connects and Supporting New Freelancers on Upwork

Dear Upwork Community,

I would like to propose an idea to motivate and support new freelancers by increasing the number of connects allocated to them. As we all know, the freelance marketplace can be competitive, and it often takes time for beginners to establish themselves and secure their first job. By providing additional connects to new freelancers, we can give them a better chance to showcase their skills and secure their initial projects.

Recognizing that experienced freelancers are already well-versed in navigating the platform and have built a strong reputation, it is crucial to acknowledge the unique challenges faced by newcomers. They often lack a robust portfolio, client reviews, and connections necessary to compete on an equal footing. By granting more connects to new freelancers, we can empower them to apply for a wider range of jobs and increase their likelihood of securing their first paid opportunity.

I propose that, during the initial phase of their freelance journey, new freelancers should be provided with a bundle of additional connects. This approach would give them a fair chance to explore various job opportunities and present their skills to potential clients. By having a surplus of connects, beginners can freely apply to more projects, significantly increasing their chances of being hired.

Once new freelancers start earning and establishing themselves on the platform, it would be reasonable to introduce a nominal fee for additional connects. This approach ensures that the cost is proportionate to the freelancer's growth and success, while also encouraging responsible use of connects.

By implementing this suggested initiative, Upwork would demonstrate its commitment to supporting and elevating new freelancers. It would foster a nurturing environment that promotes equal opportunities for all, regardless of their experience level. Moreover, this investment in beginners will contribute to the growth and diversity of talent on the platform, ultimately benefiting the entire Upwork community.

Thank you for considering this proposal. I firmly believe that by offering increased connects to new freelancers, Upwork can provide them with the support they need to kickstart their freelance careers and become valuable contributors to the platform.

Muhammad Saqlain

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