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Proposals not being viewed?

So far I've done 7 well conciddered and thoughtful proposals and only 2 have even been viewed. That seems strange to me. Any suggestions?


Thanks, Ben


Hi Ben,


Thank you for reaching out. Please note that we are not privy to why clients view or don't view proposals in their job posts. It is worth considering that they may be receiving a lot of applications, that they have found freelancers that already piqued their interest, etc.


You may also want to consider upskilling and learning new skills to increase your marketability. Competition is getting tough not only in Upwork but also on other platforms, especially since most people nowadays opt to work remotely. One possible reason might be also the fewer demands for jobs that fall under your selected skill set. You can also revisit the skills you have selected in your profile, only if applicable.


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~ AJ
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I can understand if someone looks at my proposal and rejects it, for what erver reason but to not even look at it doen't make sense. 


I can't see the point of doing any more proposals when there is so little chance of them being viewed.

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